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4th International Workshop on Immune-Deficient Animals in Experimental Research, Chexbres (Lausanne), October 31-November 3, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir 101 (QY50.I61 1982 Perubatan)
A manual for laboratory animal management / Ward, Jonathan David; Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY25 W257 2008)
A patent on life: ownership of plant and animal research / Belcher, Brian ; Hawtin, Geoffrey, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SB123.5.B427)
Animal applications of research in mammalian development / Pedersen, Roger A.; First, Neal L.; McLaren, Anne, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (SF767.5.A598)
Animal clinical chemistry: a practical handbook for toxicologists and biomedical researchers / Evans, G. O., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY90 A598 2009 )
Animal hematotoxicology / a practical guide for toxicologists and biomedical researchers / Evans, G. O., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QV602 E92 2009 )
Animal marking : recognition marking of animals in research / Stonehouse, Bernard, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (QL58.R311)
Animal modeling in surgical research / Jeppsson, Bengt, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (SF911.A597 1998 Perubatan)
Animal models in cardiovascular research / Gross, David R., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (RC669.G878)
Animal models of diabetes : frontiers in research / Shafrir, Eleazar, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY58 A598s 2007)
Animal models of diabetes : a primer / Shafrir, Eleazar ; Sima, Anders A. F., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY58.A598 2001 Perubatan)
Animal production and animal science worldwide : a review on developments and research in livestock systems / Mosconi, C. ; Rosati, Andrea ; Tewolde, Assefaw, Translational Knowledge & Information Centre (SF140.L65A598 2009)
Animal research and development / Institut fur Wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF1.A597 Majalah)
Animal research and human health: advancing human welfare through behavioral science / Carroll, Marilyn E.; Overmier, J. Bruce, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (WM100.A598 2001 Perubatan)
Animal science research: new dimensions / Kumar, Arvind, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QL51.2 A598 2006)
Animals for medical research: models for the study of human disease / Mitruka, Brij M.; Rawnsley, Howard M. ; Vadehra, Dharam V., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir 101 (QY50.M684 1976 Perubatan)
Animals for research: a directory of sources / National Research Council (United States), Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (QL55.N277 r)
Animals in atomic research / Ricciuti, Edward R., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (QL55.R497)
Animals in biomedical research: Hendriksen, C. F. M. (Coenraad F. M.); Koeter, H. B. W. M. (Herman B. W. M.), Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (R853.A53A598)
Animals in toxicological research / Bartosek, Ivan ; Guaitani, Amalia ; Pacei, Ernesto, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (RA1199.A598)
Apparatus for research on animal ultrasonic signals / Simmons, James A.; Royal Ontario Museum, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (QL765.A646)
Applied ethics in animal research : philosophy, regulation, and laboratory applications / Gluck, John P. ; DiPasquale, Tony ; Orlans, F. Barbara, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY54.A648 2002 Perubatan)
Behavior of marine animals : current perspectives in research / Winn, Howard E. (Howard Elliott) ; Olla, Bori L., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (QL121.W776)
Better utilization of crop residues and by-products in animal feeding: research guidelines: proceedings of the FAO/ILCA Expe / International Livestock Centre for Africa ; Preston, T., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF99.C73B565 f)
Biodefense: research methodology and animal models / Swearengen, James R., Translational Knowledge & Information Centre (QW300.B615 2006)
Biodefense: research methodology and animal models / Swearengen, James R., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (WC305 B615 2006 )
Cats and wildlife: results of a survey of wildlife admitted for care to shelters and animal welfare agencies in Victoria / Arthur Rylan Institute for Environmental Research, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF446.5.D747 f)
Chronic complications in diabetes : animal models and chronic complications / Sima, Anders A. F. , Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (WK835.C557 2000 Perubatan)
Defining critical mass: the case in animal research / Daniels, Douglas ; Nestel, Barry L., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF81.D313 1993)
Draught animals in rural development : proceedings of an international research symposium, Cipanas, Indonesia, 3-7 July1989 / Hoffmann, D. ; Nari, J. ; Petheram, R. J., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF180.D768)
Ethics in research on animal behaviour : readings from Animal Behaviour / Dawkins, Marian Stamp ; Animal Behaviour Society, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (QL55.E84 1992)
Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals / National Research Council, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY54 I59 1996 )
Guidelines for the humane transportation of research animals / Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (U.S.), Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (SF406.7 G946 2006)
Handbook of experimental neurology: methods and techniques in animal research / Fisher, Marc, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (WL140 H236 2006 )
Helminth parasites of the domesticated animals in India / Bhalerao, G. D., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF810.H4B575)
Immune-deficient animals : 4th international workshop on Immune-Deficient Animals in Experimental Research (formerly Nude Mice / Sordat, Bernard, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (WD308.I61 1984 Perubatan)
Insulin signaling : from cultured cells to animal models / Grunberger, George ; Zick, Yehiel, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (QD572.I5I59 2002)
Laboratory animal anaesthesia : a practical introduction for research workers and technicians / Flecknell, P. A., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (SF914.F593 1996 Perubatan)
Laboratory training manual on the use of radionuclides and radiation in animal research / International Atomic Energy Agency, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (QL53.L123)
List of research workers, 1962: research workers in agriculture, animal health and forestry in the British Commonwealth / Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (S217.C734 r)
Memory dysfunctions : an integration of animal and human research from preclinical and clinical perspectives / Corkin, Suzannne ; Gamzu, Elkan ; Olton, David S., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (WM173.7.M533 1985 Perubatan)
National need and priorities for veterinarians in biomedical research / Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (U.S.), Translational Knowledge & Information Centre (SF760.S64N27 2004) 00001651212

Natural pathogens of laboratory animals : their effects on research / Baker, David G., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (SF996.5 B167 2003)
Neurobiology of grooming behavior / Bergner, Carisa L. ; Kalueff, Allan V. ; LaPorte, Justin L., Translational Knowledge & Information Centre (QL760.N494 2010)
Nonhuman primates in biomedical research / Abee, Christian R., Translational Knowledge & Information Centre (QY60.P7N812 2012
Occupational health and safety in the care and use of research animals / Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources (U.S.), Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir 101 (WA440.C386i 1997 Kesihatan)
Proceedings of the 2d International Symposium on Condition and Meat of Pigs, held at the Research Institute for Animal Husband / International Symposium on Condition and Meat Quality of Pigs (2d : 1971 : Zeist, Netherlands), Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF768.2.S9I61 1971)
Proceedings of the seminar on integration of animals with plantation crops Pulau Pinang : a report of the proceedings of the seminar on integration of animals with plantation crops held in Pulau Pinang from 13 to 15 April 1978 / Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (S494.5.S95S471 1979 HST )
Progress in venom and toxin research: proceedings of the first Asia-Pacific Congress on Animal, Plant and Microbial Toxins he / Gopalakrishnakone, P., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (RA1242.S53A832 1987)

Provision of laboratory animals for research: a practical guide / Dodd, Robert Edward, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF77.L266)
Quantitative health risk analysis methods : modeling the human health impacts of antibiotics used in food animals / Cox, Louis A., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QW52 C877 2006 )
Recent advances in virus diagnosis : a seminar in the CEC Programme of Coordination of Research on Animal Pathology / CEC Programme of Coordination of Research on Animal Pathology, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (SF780.4.R295 1984 Perubatan)
Research animals and concepts of applicability to clinical medicine : Symposium on Research Animals and Concepts of Applicable / Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft ; Gartner, K. ; Hackbarth, H. ; Stolte, H., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY58.S989 1982 Perubatan)
Research animals and experimental design in nephrology: Symposium on Animal Research in Nephrology, Hanover, / Symposium on Animal Research in Nephrology, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (WJ300.C764 Perubatan)
The care, breeding and management of experimental animals for research in the Tropics / International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY54.S651 1987 Perubatan)
The COST manual of laboratory animal care and use: refinement, reduction, and research / Howard, Bryan; Nevalainen, Timo J. ; Perretta, Gemma., Translational Knowledge & Information Centre (QY25.C837 2011)
The development of science-based guidelines for laboratory animal care : proceedings of the November 2003 international workshop / Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (U.S.), Translational Knowledge & Information Centre 101 (QY54.D489 2004)
The ethics of animal research: exploring the controversy / Garrett, Jeremy R., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (W20.55 A5E84 2012 )
The germ-free animals in research / Coates, Marie Evelyn; Gordon, Helmut Albert; Wostmann, Berhard S., Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF406.C652)
The mouse in animal genetics and breeding research / Eisen, Eugene J., Translational Knowledge & Information Centre (QU450.M932 2005)
The Mouse in biomedical research / Foster, Henry L.; Fox, James G. ; Small, J. David, Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY60 R6M932 2007 )
The problem of dark-cutting in beef : a Seminar in the EEC Programme of Coordination of Research on Animal Welfare / Hood, D. E, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (TX556.B4S471 1980)
The psychological well-being of nonhuman primates / Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (U.S.) --Committee on Well-Being of Nonhuman Primates / Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir 101 (QL737 P9P974 1998)
Tropical animal feeding : a manual for research workers / Preston, T. R. (Thomas Reginald), Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (SF41.F218 126 f)
Using animal models in biomedical research : a primer for the investigator / Chow, Pierce K. H. ; Ng, Robert T. H. ; Ogden, Bryan E., Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir (QY58 U85 2008 )
Wild birds and avian influenza : an introduction to applied field research and disease sampling techniques / Whitworth, Darrell, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (TS1955.F218 5 )

Media @ PHT
Housing of laboratory animals, Cunningham, James, QY50.C973
Small animal clinical techniques, Taylor, Susan M, SF748.T246 2010

Thesis @ PHT
An animal study of the effect of rigid internal fixation on craniofacial growth in HUSM, Syed Hassan Syed Abdul Aziz, 2000
Effect of pure sea-cucumber extract on healing prodess of clesed simple long bone (Tibia) fracture-animal study (Rabbits), Shaifuzain Ab. Rahman, 2005
The effect of autogenous nonvascularised periosteum transplantation on bone healing - an animal study, Azuhairy Azid, 2006
Effects of morinda citrifolia on ischemic-reperfused myocutaneous flaps in a animal model, Mohammad Ali Mat Zain, 2006
In vivo evaluation of the angiogenic and antimicrobial properties of tualang honey using a full-thickness burn wounds in animal model in comparison to hydrofibre, Khoo Yan Teng @ Koo Yan Teng, 2010
The efficacy of tualang honey as a wound dressing for full thickness wound in animal model, Arman Zaharil Mat Saad, 2011
Associations between gender, year of study and empathy level with attitudes towards animal welf are among undergraduate doctor of veterinary medicine students in universiti putra Malaysia, Fazerin Azra Mohamed Azahar, 2013


(Accessible via PHT Library’s website

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Understanding Animal Research

a-z animals

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, University of Maryland

Malaysian Journal of Animal Science
Integrated Centre for Research Animal Care & Use (ICRACU)

Universiti Putra Malaysia Code Of Practice For The Care And Use Of Animals For Scientific Purposes

University Of Malaya Animal Care And Use Policy (UM ACUP)
World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) Animal Welfare Standards

Department Of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia

Institute for Medical Research, Ministry of Health Malaysia

Department of Standards Malaysia, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)


Association of Laboratory Animal Science in Malaysia (LASAM)

Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC)

Malaysian Society of Animal Production (MSAP)

Veterinary Association Malaysia

European Animal Research Association (EARA)